The 3D Academy (3DAC)  features this year a unique, innovative, state-of-the-art, hands-on training session on the topic of Mixed Reality (MR) content, using Microsoft Hololens headset and Unity software.
This one-of-a-kind training session is organized in collaboration with the Advanced Imaging Society and the VR Society, both based in Hollywood, CA.

Whom for?

- Artists & business-persons: producers, directors, stereographers;
- Scientists, engineers, computer scientists, technicians;
- Anyone wishing to produce his/her own 3D MR contents.

What you get

Discover the wonderful world of Mixed Reality, halfway between the real and virtual world. Across this experience, learn how it works and what current limitations are. Set your imagination free and create your own application with Unity Engine!
At the end of the training, you will be able to program interaction with hologram inside Microsoft Hololens.

Program at a glance

Get going in Mixed Reality with Hololens!

Day 1

-History of VR/AR/MR
-Demonstration of some MR applications
-Overview of development tools for MR
-Explanation of Hololens hardware and capacities
-Introduction to Unity Engine and Interface
-Basic programing with Unity

Day 2

-Setup of Hololens Simulator
-“Hello world” in MR
-Gestures recognition
-Voice recognition
-Spatial sound
-Spatial mapping
-How to go further with MR and Unity


Key events & corresponding dates for 3DAC 2017

Last day of early-bird registration fee20 November 2017 (Mon)
3DAC (Brussels, Belgium)12-13 December 2017 (Mon-Thu)
Networking reception (Brussels, Belgium)11 December 2016 (Mon)
Awards dinner (Brussels, Belgium)13 December 2016 (Wed)


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