On behalf of the Advanced Imaging Society (AIS) and the VR Society based in Hollywood, CA, and in close collaboration with them, Stereopsia organizes – for the 6th consecutive year -  the competitions for the “Lumiere Awards” for the territory consisting of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA).

The golden statuettes are awarded to the best 3D contents for 3D cinema and 3D Cinematic VR, and to the person winning the “European 3D Stereography Award”.

Based on the received, eligible entries, the jury

  • nominates 3D contents to be screened during Stereopsia by both the event attendees and the general public, and, among these pieces,
  • designates the winning 3D contents to be recognized with Lumiere Awards during the Awards ceremony that is the final fireworks of Stereopsia and open to all.

Independently of the entries submitted, the jury and other 3D experts designate the winner of the “European 3D Stereography Award”.

Whom for?

Submission of an entry: for any person or company based in EMEA with a remarkable 3D content for cinema or VR, wishing to compete and see their work featured and screened.

Screening of best entries: for all professional attendees of Stereopsia and for the general public, in particular all those interested in discovering and enjoying new, outstanding 3D contents for cinema and/or VR.

Nominated content

Cinema content

AMAZON ADVENTURE (Director: Mike Slee; Stereographer: Ralston Humble)
BIGFOOT JUNIOR (Director: Ben Stassen & Jérémie Degruson; Stereographer: Ben Stassen)
BOOOM (Director: Alonso Benavente Fortes; Stereographer: Sean Arden)
CHRYSALIS (Director: Ina Conradi & Mark Chavez; Stereographer: Joshua Tan)
DEADLINE (THE MAGICIAN) (Director: Andi Wenzel; Stereographer: Thomas Keller)
FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM (Director: David Yates; Stereographer: Chris Parks)
FROM GREAT DEPTHS 3D (Director: Robyn Johnston; Stereographer: Andrew Woods)
ONE MORE TIME WITH FEELING (Director: Andrew Dominik; Stereographer: Angus Cameron)
THE EAGLE CHALLENGE (Director: Emmbé; Stereographer: Maxime Beucher)
WOMB (Director: Gilles Jobin; Stereographer: Jan Bernotat)

VR content

360° GLADIATORS IN THE COLOSSEUM (Director: Jörg Courtial; Stereographer: Wolf Silbermann)
ALTERATION (Director: Jerome Blanquet; Stereographer:Geoffrey Pons)
DB-HORIZON 360° EXPERIENCE (Director: Markus Seilern-Aspang; Stereographer: Sönke Kirchhof)
IBOX – INSULT BOX (Director: Emmanuel Albano; Stereographer: Emmanuel Albano)
LIFELINE (Director: Victor Michelot; Stereographer: Victor Michelot)
MANCHESTER CITY MATCH DAY (Director: Adam May; Stereographer: Chris Campkin)
MONET IN GIVERNY: THE LATER YEARS (Director: Stephanie Riggs; Stereographer: Giacomo La Monaca)
PROXIMA (Director: Mathieu Pradat; Stereographer: Mathieu Pradat)
RAY (Director: Rafael Pavan; Stereographer: Jorge Vigara)
SERGENT JAMES (Director: Alexandre Perez;Stereographer: Julien Lévy)
SONG OF THE SEA VR (Director: Jerrica Cleland; Stereographer: Angus Cameron)


Program & schedule

You’ll find program & schedule here in the fall.


Stay tuned for possible date changes below.

Key events & corresponding dates for Awards Competition 2017

Issuance of Call for entries19 May 2017 (Fri)
Deadline for submitting entries1 September 2017 (Mon) NEW 30 September 2017 (Sat)
Notification of pre-selection acceptance/rejection3 November 2017 (Mon)
Awards evening (Brussels, Belgium)13 December 2017 (Wed)



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