The Professional conference (PCON) provides pertinent, time-critical, hot information on all facets of 3D immersion, including 3D stereo, 3D imaging, 3D audio, 3D virtual reality (VR), 3D augmented reality (AR), 3D mixed reality (MR), 3D cinema, & 3D cinematic VR. PCON emphasizes the present and near terms, but also keeps an eye on the mid and long terms.

PCON is a dynamic succession of straight-to-the-point, solid, invited presentations by charismatic, international speakers. It covers the full gamut from science and technology, through art and content, to business. Many presentations feature stereoscopic-3D (S-3D) video (projected on a large screen) and/or immersive spatial-3D audio. The speakers are asked to explain the latest concepts in 3D immersion in terms understandable by all.

Whom for?

For anyone interested in 3D, VR, AR and Cinematic VR, thus, for scientists, engineers, academics, researchers, inventors, artists, directors, producers, businessmen, investors, and 3D aficionados.

How to participate?

By making presentations and/or attending, which both imply registration.
The registration page will be available from July 2017.

If you know of a charismatic speaker who has a fascinating, novel 3D immersion topic and/or content to present, please let us know (see Contact).


You’ll find the program & schedule here as soon as available.


Stay tuned for possible date changes below.

Key events & corresponding dates for PCON 2017

Last day of early-bird registration fee20 November 2017 (Mon)
PCON (Brussels, Belgium)12-13 December 2017 (Tue-Wed)
Awards evening (Brussels, Belgium)13 December 2017 (Wed)


Calls are open: click buttons Awards competition, 3D Film Booster, Scientific conference.