What is a museum in 2022?

According to ICOM a museum is a “permanent, non-profit institution serving society, dedicated to the research, collection, conservation, interpretation, and exhibition of tangible and intangible heritage“.
A definition that is supposed to reflect the evolution of cultural practices, but that completely overlooks some major issues related to the phygital transformation of museum institutions – including, for example, the challenges associated with distribution.

Indeed, digital mediation supports raise new concerns about development, exploitation, circulation, and maintenance.

And since most curators and mediators do not have the legal, artistic, technical and financial knowledge to develop the specifications necessary for the implementation of ambitious, sustainable and viable digital strategies, a large number of projects struggle to reach their audiences or to become sustainable.
Fortunately, today, distributors with expertise in the distribution of immersive museum experiences are emerging. During this presentation, the 5 speakers/distributors will explain why and how they collaborate with museum teams.