For many years, there has been a strong division between XR and 3D, both in terms of experiences and devices, as well as between the people who create them. This division has kept these two worlds apart for many years, preventing the creation of a vibrant ecosystem of depth experiences.  But what if 3D and XR coexisted and even contributed to each other’s success?  While the promise of the Metaverse has maintained a high level of excitement for immersive experiences, recent advances in glasses-free 3D displays (autostereoscopic or light field) have spawned a new interest in 3D, generating renewed excitement for the format and its possibilities.

In this conference, we will explore the new generation of glasses-free 3D displays and how they can be used as high-performance development tools in the creation of XR experiences or as new viewing devices for audiences to experience XR content in a new way. We will discuss the similarities and differences between XR and 3D, the challenges in terms of compatibility and how they are a part of a same continuum of depth experiences. Come hear industry leaders in glasses-free 3D displays and XR content creation explain how they are currently using both 3D and XR in a seamless way to improve their productivity and enhance their creative process.