XR challenges for this decade


This is the opening conference of Stereopsia EUROPE 2022.

Stereopsia EUROPE was founded in 2009 and since then has welcomed 1100+ experts and professionals of all things immersive. And the last few years have seen an outstanding degree of development in this particular field.

After two trying years marked by the pandemic, we are now entering a decade which should see XR integrated in all economic sectors and in people’s daily lives. Stereopsia EUROPE, in association with XR4Europe, will be mapping out the contours of this trend during the three days of the event.

XR will certainly bring many benefits to each and every one, and this will lead to new innovations and progress in the many fields that are using it.

Nevertheless, this growth and these expectations must imperatively lead us to ponder, and to evaluate our responsibility towards the uses of these technologies, to prevent them from becoming a new vector of social or individual disempowerment.

Together with the public authorities, we must supervise its uses in order to guarantee the best and avoid the worst.

It is one of the missions of XR4Europe, in the framework of the European program ‘XR4Human’.