Agnes Karolina BAKK

Ágnes Karolina BAKK is a narrative designer and researcher at the Innovation Center of Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design, Budapest. She focuses on immersive storytelling & the science of magic, and currently leads two research projects:
1. on romantic relationships in Metaverse-like environments
2. psychological restoration in a specific VR prototype.
She is the founder of the Zip-Scene conference (next edition 2022 November); cofounder of Random Error Studio, a lab that supports various VR productions and the co-curator of Vektor VR section.
She teaches immersive&VR- storytelling, speculative design and presented at various conferences and platforms from Moscow to Montreal and at festivals (e.g. DokLeipzig). She is currently involved in several video game productions and works on her own artistic VR creation.