Chelo fernandez

The development of Chelo FERNANDEZ‘s career has led her to be in a position to lead, develop, manage and coordinate business transformation projects. She is used to leading teams, meeting and enforcing goals, strategizing and finding creative solutions, managing situations of success and crisis within the teams, negotiate according to the different levels of dialogue with solvency, communicating effectively in different forums in 3 languages. She focuses the team’s energies on goals without neglecting details (“Agile” mentality: I think big / act small). In short, she feels at the best moment of her career, thanks to the mix of knowledge, experience and skills; to tackle business transformation projects.

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18 Oct. 2022PM

What's up with 5G?

The continuing development and growth of the 5G network is an opportunity for the XR industry, as this added bandwidth capability will enable better, more realistic, and real-time experiences that require a greater bandwidth. It will also allow greater access to augmented reality in public spaces.

This conference will share some use-cases of smart use of 5G in the XR sector.

5G is also an opportunity for telecom operators to increase their customers’ data consumption, and thus strengthen their business by surfing on the XR wave.

Telecom and XR content creator – Is it a win-win game?

Come and ask them your questions. This roundtable should give you a hint of an answer.




18 Oct. | 2:00PM - 03:30PM