The goal of eTryOn is to modernize human – fashion interaction, by using XR technologies that allow effortless virtual try-ons of garments, revolutionizing the way people create, consume and experience fashion items, with the help of three innovative applications:

  • VR Designer, an immersive VR environment that allows fashion designers to get a better overview of their designs through realistic avatar – garment simulations and animations.
    Dress Me Up, a web app which enables fashion consumers and influencers to digitally try on an outfit on any photo or video of themselves they provide. The photorealistically impressive result can be subsequently shared in social media networks.
  • Magic Mirror, a mobile app that provides a way to virtually try on clothing, transforming the traditional shopping experience into a virtual fitting room. By using the latest advancements of AR technology users can scan themselves at home using a phone camera, browse through an online store and observe in real-time through their smartphone how a particular garment fits their body, before making a purchase.
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/e-tryon-project/.