Frédéric PURGAL

Frédéric PURGAL is an Award-winning Art VR content producer, and the founder of the the AR company ArtofCorner.

ArtofCorner specializes in volumetric content creation with photographic rendering and is now dedicated to the deployment of VR showcase with standalone VR headsets like Oculus Quest2 or HTC VIVE FOCUS3, in schools, librairies and also museums all over France.

Since 2016, ArtofCorner has produced virtual tours in 6DOF with volumetric capture for brands in luxury, famous monuments, institutions or artists’ houses in France.

Frédéric has won awards with « L’Atelier Bourdelle / Paris Musées » at Laval Virtual 2018 & STEREOPSIA 2018, and another award with « SCULPTURE EXPERIENCE / RMN-GP » at Laval Virtual 2021 & was selected by SIGGRAPH 2021 in the Immersive Pavilion area.