Oksana SHYHAVERA is a director and producer of art and culture projects, XR researcher. Until 2012, she produced commercials and TV programs. From 2012 to 2014 she was the curator of the Center for Contemporary Arts in Kharkiv. In 2014, she was the director and producer of her first documentary “Vasily Yermilov the Constructor “. In 2016, she founded the Academy of Visual Art Kharkiv an educational project, where they teach to create art projects. In 2018, she opened Art Hub Samokat, a platform for the development of non-formal education in Kharkiv. In 2019, she founded CinemaLab, a laboratory for the development of films. Since 2018, she has been exploring the possibilities of digital technology for art. She organized the VR / AR conference Art of Change, VR / ART Festival Frontier, and VR DOC LAB. He is currently working on his second documentary, UP IN THE AIR, and its VR version UP IN THE AIR VR. The main focus of films is culture, art, human rights, and social change. The main goal is to develop cultural ties between countries and peoples in order to achieve mutual understanding.