PrismArch: Virtual reality aided design blending cross-disciplinary aspects of architecture in a multi-simulation environment 

The main idea of PrismArch is to create a VR-aided design environment for the AEC industry that will enhance the collaborative capabilities across its main disciplines (architecture, structural engineering and MEP). It is the need for a “prismatic” decomposition of AEC projects that will allow each of AEC professionals to perceive and understand how their decisions affect the other AEC disciplines and consequently the project in total. In order to achieve this ultimate goal that aims to disrupt the AEC industry with VR, PrismArch takes advantage of well established technological advancements. By bridging the gap among a wide variety of domains such as computer graphics, machine learning, computational physics and cognitive science and integrating them into a common workspace, PrismArch will develop a layered multi-simulation virtual environment, enhanced with AI-assistive capabilities, that meets the complex needs of each of the AEC professionals both independently and simultaneously, allowing a multi-designer presence and complex visualizations in VR that are missing currently from the AEC workflow in VR and they are of high need.

Website: https://prismarch-h2020.eu/