Thierry KELLER

Dr.Thierry Keller is the head of the Neuroengineering Department at Tecnalia, the largest private research center in Spain. Main activities of the Neurorehabilitation Department are research & innovation of novel enabling technologies for rehabilitation robotics, tele-rehabilitation, technologies for physical and cognitive prevention, and FES technologies including neuroprostheses and neurotechnology at large.

He is principal investigator in national and international projects and chaired the EU COST action TD1006: European Network on Robotics for Neurorehabilitation. He developed various neuroprostheses that help improve walking and grasp functions in spinal cord injured and stroke subjects. His research interests are in the fields of rehabilitation engineering and robotics, neural prostheses, signal processing and human-machine interaction.

He contributed to 60+ peer reviewed journal articles, and 15 patents related to transcutaneous electrical stimulation and rehabilitation.