xR4DRAMA (Extended Reality For Disaster Management And Media Planning)

xR4DRAMA is an H2020 Innovation Action (IA) project dedicated to improving situation awareness and decision making via extended reality (XR) and several data collection and analysis technologies. The proof of concept will focus on disaster management and media planning before extending use cases to other domains. The objective of this project is to implement an interactive system consisting of multiple end-user tools that: a) facilitates the sourcing of all relevant information needed to plan necessary actions, b) creates an “as if on site experience” of an environment to anticipate the an incident or event as thoroughly as possible, c) creates a joint understanding of an environment to be shared by team members, allowing for smoother communication and consultation and d) provides the possibility to continuously update the representation of the location during the evolving incident/event in order to understand and potentially re-assess consequences of specific decisions.

Website: https://www.xr4drama.eu