EMIL – European Media Immersion Lab

EMIL is a joint effort of four major European academic institutions (A,alto University, Filmakademie Baden Württemberg, Universitat Pompeu Fabra and University of Bath) to form a Pan-European XR Lab network to accelerate development of virtual, augmented and mixed reality technologies, content, services and applications for the media. EMIL will establish a physical and virtual infrastructure (EMIL Nodes), supported by research excellence, technological, creative expertise and wide contact networks to bring together interdisciplinary actors in the XR-field; engineers, designers, journalists, filmmakers, game developpers, programmers, artists, researchers, entrepreneurs and investors, from start-ups, SME’s and global corporations. EMIL will launch and coordinate FSTP projects and support this interdisciplinary community to accelerate XR-development all across Europe. The projects will be prototyping advanced solutions for the creation, distribution and consumption of new immersive and innovative products for media and related creative industries. FSTP projects can tap into the latest scientific research knowledge demonstrated in the EMIL nodes’ Lighthouse projects that exhibit excellence in Narrative Media Production, Smart Garments, Animation, VFX, Embodied Interaction, Digital Cultural Heritage, Digital Health, Motion Capture/Analysis, and technological XR- development. The FSTP projects and Lighthouse projects will quickly provide concrete cutting-edge products and services for the benefit of the European Media industry. However, EMIL’s true ambition and impact lie beyond the limitations of these projects and in the establishment of a permanent Pan-European XR network and community that will continue bringing new innovations in media, virtualization, computational design, interactive AI, resilient cities, manufacturing, and healthcare technologies and help Europe to be at the forefront of the next digital development revolution.