Conference Program

This year, Stereopsia once again highlights the youth by offering them a tailor-made program, in French, specifically designed to enlighten them about immersive technologies and the opportunities they offer for their future. Under the guidance of seasoned experts in the XR sector and digital education, these young people will have the opportunity to concretely discover the various uses of XR.

DAY 1: European POLICY

On the first day of Stereopsia, attendees will delve into a comprehensive exploration of the European XR landscape. The day kicks off with insightful discussions on critical European topics that are shaping the future of XR technology. Participants will listen to the EU-funded projects that are driving innovation and development within the industry. Additionally, the day will feature presentations from prominent European XR associations and hubs, highlighting their contributions and initiatives. Through these sessions, attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the key issues, trends, and opportunities influencing the XR sector in Europe.


DAY 2: Science and Tech&industry

The second day features 2 tracks:

1/ The Academic track, which includes scientific presentations on applied science. This track provides a platform for researchers and academics to showcase their latest findings and innovations in XR, contributing to the scientific discourse and advancing the field.

2/ The Tech&Industry Track, which explores the latest advancements in XR technology, industry trends, and insights from end-users. The spotlight will be on use-cases and best practices that highlight cutting-edge applications and successful implementations in various sectors.

DAY 3: Arts & Entertainment

On the third day, the spotlight will be on the dynamic intersection of XR with art, heritage, and entertainment. This track will explore how immersive technologies are transforming these fields, offering new ways to engage and interact with cultural and historical content.

Stereopsia also offers a tailor-made program for students (16-25). This program aims to inspire and educate the next generation about the potential of immersive technologies in shaping their careers and the world around them. Additionally, there will be a “job day” where young people will have the opportunity to meet potential future employers, further connecting them with career opportunities in the XR sector.