Stéphane GRADE

Stéphane GRADE completed his PhD in Psychological Sciences at the University catholique de Louvain (UCLouvain) in 2016. His doctoral thesis focused on space perception, embodied cognition, and virtual reality. Back in the days, with the DK1 & 2 of oculus, a humble VR lab was crafted to modify participants body proportion and demonstrate that perception of space is grounded into body and action representations

After his PhD, he started a new adventure within the Haute école de la Province de Liège (HEPL) and its associated research center: the CECOTEPE on the creation of VR tools for the training of emergency actors (the ORVAMU project, funded by Wallonia). The aim was to design mass casualty incidents simulations to train skills like medical triage and bleeding control using virtual reality.

He is now working on a Spin Off project called VR SPARCS funded by Wallonia, with the ambition of creating a company specialized in the development and deployment of VR experiences. With a strong focus in the domain of education, training, and healthcare.