Can ASAL NonNocere Germany Can ASAL is a founding partner and the Chief Commercial Officer of NonNocere. NonNocere has developed a Virtual Reality based, interactive, multi-user remote teaching center for orthopedic surgery education.

Valérie GAVEAU

Valérie Gaveau INSERM France Trained as a biologist, Valérie GAVEAU's professional career has allowed her to acquire skills in the field of basic and clinical study management, and in professional and academic training.


Stephan Hausoul N-Gone Belgium Stephan HAUSOUL holds a Master in Aerospace Engineering. He has 25 years of experience in development, architecture and project management in the machine vision industry. Stephan is the founder of the XR startup N-Gone.

Maximilian REINHOLD

Maximilian reinhold University Medicine Göttingen Germany Dr. Maximilian Reinhold, is a specialist in orthopedics, trauma and spine surgery. As an operating surgeon, he has many years of experience in the treatment of accident-related and orthopedic diseases of the musculoskeletal system. He attaches particular importance to comprehensive consultation with the patients....