Welcome to the Belgian XR Champions Conference!We will kick off with an inspiring keynote address. Then we’ll address three key topics:

  1. -Entertainment: Discover how XR is revolutionizing the entertainment industry, from immersive gaming experiences to interactive storytelling in films and beyond. Explore the potential for unparalleled engagement and entertainment through XR.

  2. -Brand Storytelling: Delve into the art of brand storytelling using XR, where we’ll showcase how businesses leverage this technology to create captivating narratives, enhance consumer engagement, and build a stronger emotional connection with their audience.

  3. -Training: Explore how XR is redefining training and educational practices. Uncover the innovative ways XR is being used to enhance learning experiences, simulate real-world scenarios, and streamline training processes across various domains, ensuring a more effective and engaging learning environment.

Join us as we bring together the leading XR innovators and thought leaders from Belgium, showcasing the cutting-edge applications and potential of XR technology across these compelling domains.