Christian MAI

Dr. Christian MAI is a seasoned Solutions Engineer and Managing IT Consultant at Varjo, specializing in product development and strategy. His strategic thinking and analytical prowess have proven invaluable in navigating highly uncertain, fast-paced environments, facilitating the rollout of over 10 SAAS products within large enterprises.

Christian’s deep expertise extends beyond software and IT, as he also boasts a profound understanding of virtual and mixed reality, as well as automotive product design, production, training, and engineering processes. With a T-shaped profile that bridges the gap between internal and external stakeholders, Christian is the driving force behind creating products that deliver exceptional value to customers and help businesses achieve product-market fit while scaling effectively. As a dedicated team player with strong social skills and a motivating mindset, he has effectively led teams for two years and possesses over seven years of experience in leadership without formal authority, making him an invaluable asset to Varjo’s mission of pioneering the future of virtual and mixed reality technologies.