Consultation on the European Code-of-Conduct (CoC)
for Human-Centered XR Technologies

The aim of the workshop is to consult industry and developers of XR (hardware and software) on the type of guidance needed related to ethical and human-centred design of XR tech, and how to shape guidelines and code-of-conducts to make it accessible to industry and developers.

This is a private workshop.



PART 1 Introduction to XR4Human 
Briefly describe various known forms of risks and harm relevant to XR. These include diversity, inclusivity, accessibility, and interoperability challenges.
Group work + Plenary session

PART 2 Introduction to XR4Human 
Briefly describe the importance for safe, trustworthy, inclusive, and agency-driven
development and production of XR technologies.
Group work + Plenary session 

PART 3 Closing of XR4Human workshop and Next Steps 

Review key inputs from the workshop and encourage everyone to participate in future consultations on the European XR Code of Conduct.