IMPULSE | CONTENT is a multi-events program that promotes and supports Content Creators in their quest to finance their projects. The first stop is at Stereopsia EUROPE with its renowned Booster, led by Sylvain GRAIN.

The Booster  is an intensive content accelerator program designed to elevate XR content creators. It focuses on refining pitch and presentation skills, gaining the latest insights and trends in XR content, and honing strategies for developing and financing XR projects.

The program is tailored for decision-makers from both public funding bodies and private stakeholders. Prior to Stereopsia, participants will engage in online masterclasses. During Stereopsia participants will partake in an exchange and visit Stereopsia, followed by a Pitch Party.

Key takeaways from this program include personalized coaching and mentoring, mastering the art of presenting project pitches, learning effective application techniques, discovering sources for grants and funds, understanding the appropriate language for the XR industry, and gaining insights into the diverse funding mechanisms available.

ONLINE Program

9, 10 & 12 October – ONLINE

2:15 PM – 2:30 PM: Welcome
2:30 PM – 4PM: Pitch mentoring
4:30 PM – 6 PM​: Masterclass
6 PM – 6:30 PM: Pitch mentoring

11 & 13 October – ONLINE

Work on your project and pitch presentation.

19 October – At Stereopsia

10 AM: Ice-breaker
11 AM: Workshop on Sound design
1 PM: Pitch rehearsal
PM: Free time to test XR experiences and attend conferences
5:45 PM: Pitch Party

20 October – At Stereopsia

10 AM: B2B Meetings


Lumen, Maria Burgués (Spain), Eric Sant (Spain)

Kalunga, Susanna Duellmann (Germany), Maria Trindade (Brazil), Dan Franke (Germany)

The Towers of February – VR, Philipp Wenning (Germany)

Midsummer Night’s X, Elena Lyubarskaya (France), David Steiner (France)

Nordic Glaciers- Frozen in Time, Martin & Fredrik Edström (Sweden)

Your Dream, Darius Vizbaras (Lithuania), Simas Chomentauskas (Lithuania)

DESAPARECIDXS, Alexandra Yepes (Germany)