Stereopsia participants have the unique chance to discover and view the nominated XR contents during Stereopsia EUROPE.

The XR Showcase, located at the heart of the event in the Exhibition area, will display these nominated contents, some of which will also be contextualized.

Contents available in the xr showcase

Darkening – Frame Films, Czech Republic

Elele – Institute of Time, The Netherlands

FIGHT BACK – Red Corner / Lucid Dreams, France & Lucid Dreams, USA & France Télévisions

Glimpse – Electric Skies Ltd, United Kingdom

(Hi)Story of a Painting: The Light in the Shadow – Fat Red Bird, United Kingdom                             

Lavrynthos – Delirium XR, Brazil & Biennale College Cinema, Italy


Montegelato – ‘-orama, Italy

On The Morning You Wake (To the end of the world) – ATLASV, France

Seven Grams – Lucid Realities, France & France Télévisions

Silhouette – Team Panoptes SRL, Belgium

The Starry Sand Beach – Lucid Realities, France & Museum national d’Histoire naturelle, France

Unframed: Hand puppets – DNA Studios Monney & Co, Switzerland                                      

Wild Cities – a_BAHN, Luxembourg